Important Information On D-Day Tours

There are multitudes of reasons for why one would like to choose a tour to Normandy. The place is of great historical importance as this place plays a pivotal role in all of the battles of World War II.

Our tours provide not only great lodging premises, uniquely pleasant cafés and souvenir shops and plenty different museums but also some of the most knowledgeable people that help to absorb the contents of the information with ease and great enjoyment. The guides are also there to answer your every question on absolutely any matter. Since the dimensions of the location are fairly large it will be of great help to us to know which type of tour you are interested in, since it greatly helps us to provide the services with excellence and without any deviations from what your interests are in this particular location. There are three-day, one day and half day tours.

Despite the fact that a considerable amount of time had passed since the events of D-Day, we can assure you that the spirit of the place and majority of points of importance are still there. During this D Day Tours you would be able to see such points such as: Pegasus Bridge that played a pivotal role in its capturing by the British Airspeed Horsa gliders, replica of which you can also see in its beauty and full form at our museum that is located near the beach, Merville Gun Battery which you might know for the great battle between the British paratroopers and the German Artillery, Juno Beach which played a great role for troopers from Canada, Sword Beach and Gold Beach and many others. Another great point of importance is Angoville au Plain, a place where two brave heroic medics sacrificed their lives in order to save dozens of lives of other soldiers. The church still proudly stands and is visible from all its angles, along with its small cemetery. One of the places that you would also visit is the Colleville-sur-Mer cemetery, a cemetery where 9387 American soldiers are buried. It is greatly important to pay your respects to the heroes that sacrificed their lives in this memorable and enormous battle.

Sainte Marie Du Mont is a pretty little village in Normandy that got severely damaged during the heavy bombings, up to this day the place has kept this heartwarming feeling, there is something loving and stirring about the place.

Our company provides only the best shuttle services that will pick you up during the morning or daytime hours, depending on your selected tour. The locations are all outstretched and take quite a bit of time to get to so we wanted to make sure that we use the most comfortable and modern transport that we can provide. We want to make sure that first and foremost you enjoy the tour and get the most of it, regardless of any other circumstances.

We would also like to give some information regarding the weather. For travelers outside the country it is best to note that the weather greatly differs from the weather in Paris. It is best to bring some warm clothing on the off chance that it might be slightly windy; the humidity however is really low.